Provide a warm and safe home environment for women in transition.  Focusing on an accountable method of mentoring along with professional training classes.  Respectfully support each woman's personal goals of becoming an empowered and independent  self sufficient women. Preparing each woman  to achieve a successful integration back into society by utilizing all of our resources.



Creating a Personal Development Structure for assisting women that have a desire to move to the next level of their life. We establish a positive environment where challenged women can be encouraged and mentored by professionals through personal development classes along with skill development training.  We provide Counseling  with daily functional  application  classes.

*  Computer skills

*  Budgeting     

*  Interviewing skills

*  AA and NA classes

*  Communication skills      

*  Etiquette

*  Business Fashion


How Does It End?

Upon graduating from our Transition Program, each woman will possess the confidence and abilities to step into society as a strong determined  independent women with a positive attitude and healthy self respect.

Our After Care Program will assure each graduate the ongoing support required for success

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